The IS-280 postage meter is designed to provide your business with all the features of a post office and more. Indeed, it allows you to stamp the letters of your company with ease with the possibility of customization by adding your company logo.


The features of the IS-280

Designed for small mail volumes, the IS-280 franking machine is well equipped to perform its task and has many features that make it very easy to use:

updating of postal rates: The IS-280's broadband Internet connection enables it to automatically update postal rates.

Management and online services: In addition to the download of postal rates, the connection of the franking machine allows to download postal mentions, advertising flames and also to carry out remote diagnostics and receive alerts.

 Stamp and save: Posting mail with the IS-280 is almost a breeze. Its integrated scale with its weighing platform with a capacity of 2.5 kg makes it possible to frank the mails to the nearest penny, which avoids the wastage related to over-stamping.

 Easy to use: The IS-280 has simple menus that allow you to navigate between the different menus easily and intuitively and to quickly and simply stamp your mail after weighing it and selecting it. postal rate that suits him best. In addition, you can memorize the tasks already done so that you can repeat them as often as you need, with ease.

 Neopost services: Neopost services include, among other things, viewing your postage expenses on your personal online account. You will also have access to the Neopass service offer that is adaptable and flexible according to your needs and expectations.


With the IS-280 franking machine, you benefit from a complete offer including the franking machine and the corresponding online services. The set allows you after postage to simply drop your mail in the mailbox closest to you.


The advantages of the IS-280

Easy to use with its user-friendly and intuitive interface, the IS-280 has several other advantages that are:

  • customizing shipments by adding your company logo,
  • the integrated scale of 2.5 kg,
  • the online update of postal rates,
  • the low ink e-mail warning,
  • the online management of your postal budget,
  • a close control of postal expenses, with a postage to the nearest cent,
  • the ability to memorize and automate up to 9 print jobs.

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