By getting a postage meter, you optimize the mail processing of your company. Indeed, these machines make it possible to simplify your shipments of letters thanks to unique functionalities. In addition, you save a lot of time processing mail from the company's premises without having to go back and forth at the post office.

You can also better control your mail budget thanks to the monthly invoicing of your postage consumption and the contract that binds you to the dealer. Neopost is one of these dealers and offers a range of postage machines divided into three main categories:


1) Small volumes: franking with ease

Neopost's postage machines for small shipping volumes are available in (Very Small Mailing Machine) format. These compact size models have several advantages: they are more economical and easier to use. Neopost IS-280 can deliver up to 20 folds per day and PMACs up to 40 folds per day. This range includes the IS-350 and IS-420 models.


2) Medium volumes: optimized performance

Most of the range "medium volumes" of franking machines Neopost are not the least. Like small volumes, these machines are quite economical while increasing performance. For example, some models can produce up to 95 letters per minute. They are also more ergonomic with a larger screen for greater intuitiveness. This range offers models such as IS-440 and IS-480.


3) high volume postage machine

Three "high volume" models are available at Neopost; these are franking machines such as IJ-90, IS-480, and IJ-110 Mixed. These postage meters generally allow you to process your postage through personalized account management. It is possible to configure up to 200 user accounts and to use MAS management software specially adapted for postage. In addition, the time saving is substantial thanks to memory keys for the operations that you repeat most often.


The IS-280 machine from Neopost

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The IS-350 machine from Neopost

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The IS-420 machine from Neopost

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