The Neopost IS-420 postage machine offers a reliable solution for businesses that need to clear an average amount of mail. With its compact and user-friendly appearance, the IS-420 postage meter has all the features you'll find on the largest postage meters.

Clever, efficient, fast and simple, the Neopost IS-420 will soon find its place in its environment.



Ergonomically designed, with quiet operation, the Neopost IS-420 is intuitive thanks to its selection wizard. The Neopost IS-420 has a Power Feed feeder for quick batch processing, a weighing pan, an integrated scale from 2 to 35kg.

The Neopost IS-420 postage machine is equipped with state-of-the-art inkjet technology, which allows for professional and impeccable postage at your company. The machine is equipped with differential weighing. Thus, every time a piece of mail is removed from the weighing pan, the system is adjusted while it is running

The meter is equipped with Smart Start technology that eliminates unnecessary keys. Many shortcut keys allow you to save time in the selection of prices, texts and ad plate.

You will be able to use your envelopes as an advertising tool since the IS-420 postage meter can memorize various custom advertising or your company logo.

The machine will improve your productivity with side loading of the envelopes and automatic start of the feed rollers. The Neopost IS-420 postage meter allows postage postage of up to 65 letters per minute.
It has high capacity ink cartridges, with an Eco-Partner recycling program, which ensures that your empty cartridges will not end up in nature.

The postage meter has built-in fare support to easily select your postal rate.


The postage machine Neopost IS-420 offers 2 types of connection possible: LAN, modem.

The machine is equipped with an ink level e-mail alert and remote assistance. With this support, you get additional support and anticipation of potential problems with remote diagnostics.

You can also order ink cartridges from the online supplies store or check your account balance online 24/7 with myneopost service.

Finally, it has the Energy Star certificate, which ensures energy savings.


The Neopost IS-420 is available on a lease for approximately $130 per month.

The IS-420 from Neopost is a small volume postage machine. It is a perfect machine for small businesses or SMEs without much need for postage.

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