The Pitney Bowes MAILSTATION2 Postage Meter is a postage meter for businesses with a daily mailing count of no more than 50 letters.

Practical and efficient, the MAILSTATION2 Pitney Bowes postage machine has a small size that makes it easy to install on a company's premises to simplify mail processing by employees.



The MAILSTATION2 Pitney Bowes Postage Meter is primarily intended for installation in a business where mailing requirements are lower. This equipment makes the management of postage costs easier and saves money.

- The MAILSTATION2 Pitney Bowes postage machine is updated independently thanks to its internet connection with Pitney Bowes services. The postage machine also saves time because it is no longer necessary to go to the post office and the shipments can be deposited in any mailbox.

- With its customizable advertising print, it gives your mail a professional and serious image with your customers.


Save time, save money

One of the main attractions of postage meters is that they save businesses time and money. The MAILSTATION2 machine also saves time by allowing you to process mail from your office without having to buy stamps or manage inventory.

This model has a built-in weighing plate (up to 2.5 kg) to avoid franking, and to ensure a 100% stamping on all your folds (allowing up to 12% d savings on postal expenses). The speed of this postage machine can go up to a production of 20 envelopes per minute.


Postage with ease

The MAILSTATION2 postage machine combines simplicity and efficiency for greater flexibility of use. The implementation of the device could not be simpler since the machine is installed automatically, an operation that according to Pitney Bowes brand takes less than 5 minutes.

This model also facilitates billing by establishing a direct connection with La Poste to automatically receive monthly invoices. In addition, account management allows you to analyze in detail or assign postal charges by cost center or department (up to 10 accounts).


More Professionalism

Pitney Bowes entry-level postage machines give your business a professional image. For example, the MAILSTATION2 postage meter prides itself on a high-quality inkjet to give a good impression as soon as you receive the bids from your company. This inkjet makes it possible to transform simple folds into authentic professional letters.

MAILSTATION2 also allows you to customize your communications by offering to print on your envelopes up to 5 advertising plates.


Additional options

The MAILSTATION2 Pitney Bowes postage machine comes with a service agreement contract in the form of telephone support or intervention via the Internet. This gives you the guarantee of being able to use your meter permanently.

An ink level management system notifies you when supplies are needed.

Finally, the Pitney Bowes MAILSTATION2 Postage Meter memorizes user accounts to manage your budget line based on corporate services and has the most common franking function.

The Pitney Bowes MAILSTATION2 model is designed to accommodate the needs of small businesses that do not have a large volume of mail.

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