Pitney Bowes postage machines - Review 2021

Pitney Bowes is one of Canada's leading postage meter companies, providing businesses of all sizes with reliable equipment.

In this article, we review the best low, medium, and high-volume meters in the Pitney Bowes line. We've selected our top three from the Pitney Bowes line of postage meters.


Top models Pitney Bowes


Low volume: Mailstation2 and SendPro online

Ideal for small businesses

The Mailstation2 is one of the best postage meters for small businesses or businesses with low or infrequent shipping needs. The counter is the most compact of the Pitney Bowes models, making it an ideal solution for small offices.

The Mailstation2 comes with the option of pricing items weighing up to five pounds and the ability to stamp 18 items per minute. While the Mailstation2 lacks the most advanced features of the high-end models, it's the perfect solution for small businesses that send less than 100 pieces of mail per month.

The Mailstation2 costs less than $ 25 per month to rent, on top of other regular shipping costs.


Medium volume: SendPro C Auto

Ideal for small to medium businesses with large mail rooms

The SendPro C Auto can process up to 120 letters per minute (LPM) thanks to its automatic mail feeder, far surpassing the Mailstation2 and its manual equivalent. This model takes up more desk space than Pitney Bowes' low-volume machines, but it offers great benefits.

These benefits include reverse separation technology that minimizes the risk of jams, generous discounts on Canada Post mailings, and the ability to track your postage expenses across different departments, with up to 500 user accounts. It also comes with a built-in postal code verification function, which can help you avoid address correction fees at the post office.


High volume: SendPro P3000

Ideal for large businesses, the SendPro P3000 delivers best-in-class speed and comes with a set of features that could be a game-changer for any business that regularly processes high volume mail.

This model is Energy Star compliant and comes with an easy to use touch screen interface. Internet connectivity allows you to directly download applications, current postal rates, national, international and shipping rates, as well as tracking information, as well as real-time customer support.

The built-in 1200 dpi printer can handle fluorescent red and full color colors with equal ease, allowing you to print anything you want, from mail stickers to advertisements on the front or back of the envelope.

Included software provides access to account management, address correction and management, Pitney Bowes courier services, and package tracking. The SendPro P3000 is ideal for those who need a more robust postage meter solution.


Expert verdict

Pitney Bowes is one of Canada's leading mailing machine companies for a reason, providing cost-saving postage solutions for businesses of all sizes.

For small businesses, we recommend Mailstation 2 or SendPro C, which can handle 18 and 65 LPM respectively. We recommend that mid-sized businesses go with the SendPro C Auto, which can handle 120 LPM, while large businesses with huge mail volumes should opt for one of the SendPro P1000, 2000, or 3000 series.

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